Reduction Principle- River flowing in between mountains in foreground and background

The Reduction Principle- Trust God

The Reduction Principle allows us to be more dependent on God…

Judges 7:1-2, 16…
Early in the morning, Jerub-Baal (that is, Gideon) and all his men camped at the spring of Harod. The camp of Midian was north of them in the valley near the hill of Moreh. 2The Lord said to Gideon, “You have too many men. I cannot deliver Midian into their hands, or Israel would boast against me, ‘My own strength has saved me.’
16Dividing the three hundred men into three companies, he placed trumpets and empty jars in the hands of all of them, with torches inside.

The kingdom principle of reduction is where God reduces our dependencies on other people and things so we can become more successful and dependent upon Him.

The reduction principle is something that we are experiencing during this time. Whether we realize it or not we are in a season of reduction. It has been forced upon us with this disease. However, we need to remember we serve a God that tells us things will get better.

This reduction concept can be illustrated in cooking. When simmering a liquid for a sauce or soup, this results in a thicker liquid with more flavor. You now have a more concentrated and intense flavor.

Less is more is what the reduction principle means in our lives.

Sometimes we fill our lives with junk and stuff but we need to realize that God only wants us to look to Him.This reduction principle does not mean that we are less powerful or less important. We need to engage with God’s principles and we will always have success.

God says the less you bring the better. This allows you to have more room for what God is bringing to you.

There are three ways in which God begins to apply this reduction that we can use in our own lives…

  1. We do not want to reduce God in our lives. Sometimes we reduce the time we spend with God. The time with Him should actually increase.
  2. We do want to reduce the effect of fear in our lives. Fear is infectious and immobilizes us. When you remove fear, faith is increased. God wants us to be alert in our situations.
  3. God brings His weapons into the battle. We do not fight spiritual wars with conventional means. The sooner we learn this the more successful we will be.

You can have the best by doing things God’s way, not your way.

In this reduction principle, Jesus made Himself the greatest example. He did not elevate Himself. He walked this earth totally dependent upon His Father.

This is what God wants of each and every one of us. We can find ourselves having more by giving away more of ourselves to God!