Favored of God- Many tall trees with light shining through them

Favored of God

The Favored of God

Ezra 9:9…
Though we are slaves, our God has not forsaken us in our bondage. He has shown us kindness in the sight of the kings of Persia: He has granted us new life to rebuild the house of our God and repair its ruins, and he has given us a wall of protection in Judah and Jerusalem.

We are favored of God, and as such we are blessed. There is nothing you can do to earn grace. It is unmerited favor of god.

We sometimes ask these questions. Does God favor me? Can I ever find God’s favor? Am I walking in the favor that God has already given me?

In fact, we need to know that God wants us all to have increase. Favor is a byproduct of His grace. It is important to understand that we are already favored. When we walk with God, He will show us favor along the way.

Although God may not like some of the things we do from time to time, He still shows favor. There are ways that we can see the favor of God-

  • when we sense God’s presence
  • when God moves in others on our behalf, even upon our enemies
  • in His protection

Pray and intercede that God will show you that favor in those that can make a difference in your life. This brings Him glory.

The most important thing to know is that when you accept Jesus Christ, God extends favor to you.