Making This the Best Year Yet- Man with a hat leaving footsteps behind on sand dune as he is walking away.

Making it the Best Year Yet

As we begin this new year, let’s actively look for ways to make this the Best Year Yet…

Luke 1:37…
For no word from God will ever fail.

Making it the best year yet can happen by following these things: 

  1. Make it a point to dream big- for your church, for your community, for your family. Dreams show that though things may not be possible now, they certainly can be. A reason that people may sometimes stop dreaming is because of the attacks coming against that dream. However, we need to dream and allow God have them realized.
  2. Be more concerned with the next step in your life, rather than the whole plan. You cannot out-plan God. Only be concerned with keeping in step with Him. All scriptures state that we are to follow and be in step with the Spirit, for God has all under control.
  3. Get in the game. Sometimes we can be absent in the community. We are called to be involved in community, in family, in church. Go to those around you and purposefully ask what you can do for and with them.
  4. Make prayer a part of your culture. This means praying beyond giving thanks at the table during a meal. It needs to be something that is second-nature and continuous through your day.