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When Greed Gets in the Way- Stone ruins in front of a battered wall
August 25, 2019

When Greed Gets in the Way- 4 Dangers

When Greed Gets in the Way we fall into danger of negatively affecting our relationship with God… Nehemiah 5:1-5… Now the men and their wives raised a great...

by Pastor Mike0
Fulfilling God's Will- Sun seeping through trees as a woman wearing a hat walks on a trail
August 11, 2019

Fulfilling God’s Will

Burdens can be placed on us by God to cause us to look to Him, and lead us toward Fulfilling God’s Will in our lives… Nehemiah 1:2-4… Hanani, one of my...

by Pastor Mike0
Learning to Be Content- House surrounded by trees as they are reflected with canoes on clear blue waters
August 4, 2019

Learning to be Content

We can enjoy our lives so very much if we purpose to be Learning to Be Content with the life that God has given us… Philippians 4:10-13… I rejoiced greatly in...

by Pastor Mike0
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