Messianic Seder 2023

Good Friday, April 7, 6:15 pm

The night before an execution a prisoner gets to choose his last meal. Likewise, Jesus chose His last meal to be the Passover Seder before being executed on the cross. And for great reason! The redemptive work of God shown in the deliverance of the Jews from the Egyptians was a prophetic message of Jesus’ redemptive work on the cross.

The Messianic Seder is a sacred ceremonial dinner, which calls us to remember the Jewish Passover and looks at the foretelling of Jesus in the Passover. This same meal would be the one that Jesus ate with his disciples known as the "Last Supper." The symbolism of Jesus in the Passover is amazingly strong, and you will leave with a greater understanding of, and passion for, our Lord’s redemptive work!

This is a catered event and SEATING IS LIMITED!

For Ages 10 and older

Reservations can only be made with full payment - All sales are final - No Refunds

All tickets: $18.00 per person (catered dinner provided)

STRICT DEADLINE: March 29, 2023

  • We do our best to seat people at the same table but large groups may be split between tables.
  • Please note that seating arrangements are much different from years past. Each table/setting can accommodate 6 or 12 people.
  • This year's Seder will be held inside the gym, NOT the cathedral.

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  • All sales are final and NO refunds will be issued.
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Tickets (10 and older)