New Testament Challenge

If you have never read through the New Testament before let me encourage you to join us and take this 40 Day Challenge. It will be life transforming! I know that God will speak to you in powerful ways as you put yourself in a position to hear from Him. Your focus and attention to God’s purpose in your life will become greater and deeper. Join Crossroads on September 19th to take this challenge – I know you won’t be sorry!

If you would like to take the challenge, please let us know by clicking this link NT Challenge and RSVP – we’d love to hear from you!

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Use this sheet, 40 Day NT Challenge, to check the boxes as you finish them. You not only can keep track of your reading, but this also gives you a sense of accomplishment as you check each box – imagine everyday marked off! It also helps to know that you are not alone as there will be many others reading the same passages, on the same day, along with you. Think of the impact this will have on yourself as well as your church.

  2. There are only 6-7 chapters a day to make it through to the end. So much of the frustration comes from lack of discipline. Determine to set aside a set time everyday to read through your daily chapters. Pray, asking God to help you set this discipline.

  3. Do it first or as early as possible. Make sure to turn off cell phones and all other distractions.

  4. Determine to do your reading before any electronics. I know, this sounds like a punishment a parent may hand out to their child – but it works! Don’t allow yourself to watch any television, look at your cell phone (or even turn it on), etc., until you have completed the reading/devotions. Let me tell you, with football season upon us, I make sure to get it done! The important thing is to not make exceptions – the reading comes first!

  5. You can listen to the Bible being read by someone else as you follow along. I’m providing a link at the bottom of this letter to a free online Audio Bible, but there are others out there.

  6. This one is great for families. You can read the first five chapters individually and then everyone read the last chapter of the day together, perhaps around dinner? It can produce a lot of discussion centered around God’s word!

Hope these suggestions help you complete the challenge! I believe your life will go to newer heights in Christ Jesus. Feel free to share your suggestions and share this article with a friend!