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Please read the whole article before casting your vote:
This is ONLY for those who are unable to attend the meeting this Sunday. If you are unable to be at the meeting this Sunday you can place your vote here. The vote will be for the approval to purchase land and the buildings at the  new site and the approval to sell our existing one.  Please note that because of the limitations of this system, which is an RSVP system,  selecting ‘yes’ is an approval to purchase the new property and to sell the existing one. Selecting ‘no’ is a vote to remain at our current site and not pursue the purchase of the new property. Although ‘maybe’ is given as an option do NOT select it – it will not count as a vote and will be thrown out.
Please understand that even if there is a unanimous vote to move to the new site and sell our current one, doesn’t mean that it will definitely happen. Many things can happen as we pursue disclosure of everything – deals can fall apart. What your vote will mean is that you will give, or not give, authority to the board and pastor to make such a deal.
At the time of this writing a new development has happened that makes the deal even better and in our favor. I can respond to those who wish to know but will tell everyone this Sunday (just too hard to explain here). I also believe that the deal will continue to get better. Because of this, our faith in God to do incredible things and the ongoing discussions, I will be so bold as to ask you to vote ‘yes’.  A ‘no’ vote stops us in our tracks before more can unfold. I guess what I am asking is for you to trust God and your board as we seek His will, and see what happens. That is faith.
One last thing to note: Only the vote of Active Members will be counted. However, because of the importance of this vote, I want to hear from every member and constituency as well. If we move I want all of us to be in this together.


Oct 09 2016


12:00 pm
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