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Welcome to Crossroads Worship Center!

Restoring Hope, Finding Purpose, Empowered By The Holy Spirit

At Crossroads Worship Center, you will find a loving multi-racial congregation that will welcome you in the love of Christ Jesus. You will find a vibrant, loving family with a passion for experiencing and sharing God’s unconditional love revealed through Jesus Christ. Many people, from many backgrounds, have come to Crossroads looking for the Lord Jesus to impact their lives. Crossroads Worship Center is an Assemblies of God church
and we believe that God has a purpose and a work for every person. We believe in building disciples, in helping people grow spiritually by restoring hope for their lives and finding their purpose in God. We believe that God empowers us through His Holy Spirit to live the life Jesus has marked out for us. The first step to finding hope, purpose, and empowerment, is establishing a right relationship with God through the grace of Jesus Christ his Son.


Salt of the Earth

As Salt of the Earth, we are called to season the world with the Word of God… Matthew...

by Pastor Mike


God has given us authority and will use us from time to time to confront the enemy… Acts...

by Pastor Mike


Although deception is a tool of the enemy, we can seek from God the ability to not fall…...

by Pastor Mike

Heart Condition

The condition of the heart of man determines how much we will receive the things of God…...

by Pastor Mike

Good Foundations

In order to have a good life, a Good Foundation is critical beyond just considering worldly...

by Pastor Mike

Yoke of Jesus

Jesus is the hope that we have when we are feeling overwhelmed. Matthew 11:28-30… “Come...

by Pastor Mike

Praises in Prison

Changes are inevitable. Even in trying circumstances, we can learn to sing Praises in Prison in...

by Pastor Mike

It’s Complicated

It is a fact that life is going to be complicated because we as a people are a mess… Acts...

by Pastor Mike

From Out of Bondage

We need to remember that we can look to others for help to come Out From Bondage… Acts...

by Pastor Mike

Going to the Next Level

Going to the Next Level is what we are called to do by God in order to fulfill His will…...

by Pastor Mike

Didn’t See That Coming

We certainly can say that We Didn’t See That Coming when God offers His mercy and...

by Pastor Mike

Impact of the Word of God

The impact of the Word of God can be seen when we choose to make a difference in people’s...

by Pastor Mike

Powerful Witness

We are called to be a Powerful Witness, to be bold… Acts 4:1-4 The priests and the...

by Pastor Mike

Sound Advice

Sound Advice on Father’s Day- Be strong and courageous… 1Kings 2:1-4 When the time...

by Pastor Mike

Vibrant Church

The vibrant church is one that is powerful and lives in the miraculous… Acts 2:41-47...

by Pastor Mike

The Book of Acts

Jesus’ death and resurrection were not the end, it was the beginning… Acts 1:1-8 In...

by Pastor Mike

Joy Comes to the Mourning

Grace delivers what your tears cannot, even when we are mourning… Matthew 5:4 Blessed are...

by Dan Donaldson

Hope of an Overcomer

We are greater than life’s circumstances because of our hope in God… Ephesions...

by Chuks Ihenacho

Remember God’s Provision

God works with what we bring to Him… 2Kings 4:1-7 The wife of a man from the company of...

by Pastor Mike

The Healthy Church (Part 4)

Jesus shows us attributes of a healthy church-  Exercising Faith… Luke 17:1-10 Jesus said...

by Pastor Mike

Paradox Die to Live

During Easter we celebrate that Jesus came to die so that we may live… John 12:23-24...

by Pastor Mike

The Choice

Jesus calls us to make a choice for Him and His eternal rest… Matthew 27:15-18 Now it was...

by Pastor Mike

Standing in the Gap

God calls us to be standing in the gap for each other… Ezekiel 22:30-31 “I looked for...

by Pastor Mike