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Welcome to Crossroads Worship Center!

Restoring Hope, Finding Purpose, Empowered By The Holy Spirit

At Crossroads Worship Center, you will find a loving multi-racial congregation that will welcome you in the love of Christ Jesus. You will find a vibrant, loving family with a passion for experiencing and sharing God’s unconditional love revealed through Jesus Christ. Many people, from many backgrounds, have come to Crossroads looking for the Lord Jesus to impact their lives. Crossroads Worship Center is an Assemblies of God church
and we believe that God has a purpose and a work for every person. We believe in building disciples, in helping people grow spiritually by restoring hope for their lives and finding their purpose in God. We believe that God empowers us through His Holy Spirit to live the life Jesus has marked out for us. The first step to finding hope, purpose, and empowerment, is establishing a right relationship with God through the grace of Jesus Christ his Son.


Relief From Accusations

We can live empowered knowing that we have Relief From Accusations that the devil has brought...

by Pastor Mike

Mind Games to Avoid

There are Mind Games and schemes that the enemy sets as roadblocks for us… Exodus...

by Pastor Mike

20/20 Vision- Spiritual

In this new year we should seek to have 20/20 Vision of our heart and spirit… 2 Peter...

by Pastor Mike

Three Things to Ponder

As we close the current year and get ready for a new year with new beginnings, there are Three...

by Pastor Mike

Prodigal Grace- 5 Characters

Prodigal Grace- Understanding the Meaning of the Prodigal Son… Luke 15:11-32… Jesus...

by JoLeo Carney-Waterton

Fulfilling God’s Will

Burdens can be placed on us by God to cause us to look to Him, and lead us toward Fulfilling...

by Pastor Mike

Learning to be Content

We can enjoy our lives so very much if we purpose to be Learning to Be Content with the life...

by Pastor Mike

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